ALB India 2020 Top Disputes Lawyers

BY Asian Legal Business, Aparna Sai |

In its second annual list of India’s best disputes lawyers, ALB India spotlights 30 standout practitioners in the country’s litigation and arbitration scene. The list has been selected based on submissions made to ALB. The names are in alphabetical order, and certain lawyers have been profiled below. 

ALB 40 Under 40 2020

BY Aparna Sai, Asian Legal Business |

In a record-breaking year in which nearly 400 lawyers across Asia submitted their profiles, picking the annual 40 Under 40 list was no easy task. This year’s list, as in other years, features a diverse mix of lawyers, including the first-ever entrant from Bangladesh and the first from a PRC firm, as well as multiple law firm founders. The list is in alphabetical order. Certain lawyers are profiled in the accompanying feature.

Guangzhou Reinvents Itself

BY Hu Yangxiaoxiao 胡阳潇潇 |

The Pearl River Delta, with Guangzhou located at its centre, was once dubbed “the world's factory floor”. However, with COVID-19 casting a shadow over the manufacturing industry, the city is beginning to embrace new industries.

Singapore’s Disputes Push Continues

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Last year, Singapore’s landmark Convention on Mediation formalised the city-state’s well-earned reputation as an attractive arbitration hub, with legal muscle and global recognition to back up its standing. But as the government continues to fine-tune the law and COVID-19 continues to cast a shadow, the market still has work to do. 

ALB Indonesia Firms to Watch 2020

BY Elizabeth Beattie, Asian Legal Business |

As COVID-19 continues to sweep around the globe, Indonesia has found itself weathering an economic slump. For businesses, more than ever, this has emphasized the need for trusted expertise and savvy counsel. The firms featured have proven themselves as stand out operations for their commitment to clients, knowledge of the market and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

The Hong Kong Conversation

BY Ranajit Dam |

Being next door to mainland China, Hong Kong was one of the first jurisdictions globally to experience the coronavirus outbreak. Leaders of the Hong Kong offices of three law firms look back on their experience so far this year, and also the lessons they learnt along the way.

With the UK on the Brink of Brexit, Lawyers Seek Stronger Asia Ties

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

While the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly taken centre stage around the world over the past few months, in the UK, Brexit is still very much going ahead, whether businesses are truly prepared or not.

‘Surviving this crisis requires a lot of buy-in from everyone’

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Singapore’s Harry Elias Partnership (HEP) has had a more eventful year than most – from the end of its merger with Eversheds Sutherland to the recent loss of the firm’s founder, and then, of course, the COVID crisis is still present. Philip Fong, managing partner of the firm, talks about the past few months, and offers his thoughts on what’s next.

Facebook Experience Shows Risks for Social Media Firms in Emerging Markets

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

For nearly every business, venturing into a new market comes with unforeseen complexities and uncertainty. For social media companies, which manage information flows and news, and can be somewhat broadly defined, the risks and challenges are continuing to evolve. In jurisdictions where market rules aren’t so clear cut, such challenges can trigger a variety of operational risks, making the situation incredibly complex.

COVID-19 Accelerates Overhaul of Legal Education

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

What will law firms of the future look like? For new graduates and students looking to enter the industry, the answer to this question will have a serious impact on their future. For educators too, the pandemic has led to changes in teaching with a greater emphasis on agility and continuous learning.

Could Virtual Law Firms be the Future?

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

With the COVID-19 pandemic rendering offices empty (for the large part), and triggering new remote working policies and protocols, the future of the traditional office remains uncertain. And this has come at a time when virtual law firms – such as Rimon Law, which recently opened an office in Shenzhen – grow in prominence. However, some in the industry feel that working virtually may not be for everyone just yet.

Open Skies

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

With populations largely grounded and demand for flights disappearing almost overnight, the aviation industry has taken a battering. However, new areas of opportunity are emerging, partly as a result of regulatory flexibility, but also due to advancements in technology.