A New Era of Mining

BY Ranajit Dam |

Indonesia recently ratified a long-anticipated bill amending the country’s 2009 Mining Law. Lawyers say that the large-scale revisions to the law could improve the feasibility of doing business in Indonesia's natural resources sector.

Malaysia Rising Stars 2020

BY Aparna Sai, Asian Legal Business |

Young lawyers are making great strides in Malaysia’s legal industry as they work on various complex matters. ALB profiles six such lawyers from the Malaysian legal market who have made an impact in the industry.

‘We intend to keep moving forward’

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Big Four Singapore firm Drew & Napier has undergone something of a metamorphosis over the past year, with lateral hires, the setting up of a regional network, and a greater emphasis on technology. CEO Cavinder Bull SC talks to Asian Legal Business about the changes, and shares plans for what’s ahead.

HKEX Launches Green Finance Platform

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Last year, green bond issuances in the Asia-Pacific region hit record levels, raising $18.89 billion. Of that Mainland China’s green bond market accounted for $8.13 billion, according to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

Post-Pandemic Law Firms Will Be Agile and Tech-Forward, and Their Offices Will Reflect That

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

What will the future of work look like? Indeed, what will the office of the future look like, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic? These are questions that law firms, among other businesses, will likely be grappling with over the coming months and years. And with COVID leaving workplaces empty for prolonged periods, firms using this time to relook at their needs and options when it comes to workspaces.

Bold Moves

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

The pandemic has so far had a broadly negative impact on businesses across the region, but surprisingly, the period has also seen a number of law firms open in various Asian markets.  Their founders say they are using this period of upheaval as a time to start afresh, establishing new operations with energy and determination to do things differently.

The Virus Crisis

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across countries and industries, and the region’s legal services sector is not immune. Here’s how lawyers are currently weathering the storm, and what they need to do to rebound when it’s all over.

Recruiters See Firms Still Hiring, but Cautiously

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

With redundancies, pay cuts and the odd firm closing shop in Asia, lawyers in private practice face prolonged uncertainty. But while many firms are playing it safe and avoiding any additional costs, there are still a few that are hiring, and doing so strategically.

‘This time, I want to do it the right way and on my terms’

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Hong Kong legal industry veteran Kevin Bowers has recently established a new firm called bowers.law. The firm, which takes a non-traditional approach to billing, may be something of a game-changer for the legal market, where firms typically remain coy about the billing process. Here, Bowers tells ALB why he thinks it’s time for a shakeup.

EXPLAINER: Easing the Economic Impact

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a devastating economic impact across the region, with businesses shuttered and markets crashing. To mitigate the impact locally, Singapore has responded by introducing a new bill that aims to ease economic pressures on businesses and individuals. The COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act, was passed in parliament in April, and is now fully in effect.