2022: The Outlook From Offshore

BY Asian Legal Business |

After a game-changing 2020 and a year of patchy recovery in 2021, offshore lawyers feel that the outlook for 2022 is generally sunny despite some curveball developments in the region and globally.

Singapore to Mandate Vaccines for Workers From 2022

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on, for most countries, vaccination has come to be viewed as the only viable approach to bringing back a sense of normality. Singapore, which recently experienced another COVID spike, is eager to return to normal, with business travel back on the agenda, and important cultural and business events planned for next year. However, with vaccination rates having plateaued at around 85 percent of the population, health professionals in the city-state have called for mandatory vaccination.

‘Singapore’s arbitration position should be protected’

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Lucy Reed was recently appointed president of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC). Reed says she isn’t planning big changes; instead, she wants to refine SIAC’s winning formula.

Pandora Papers Leak Sparks Compliance Talk

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

It’s a familiar story: an immense leak of data that expose an intricate web of the elites’ hidden investments. Various celebrities, politicians, billionaires, and drug dealers were named recently in the Pandora Papers leak, as the rich and powerful poured money into a variety of assets from beachfront property, mansions to yachts, across various jurisdictions.

Battling Burnout

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

With another pandemic-impacted year drawing to a close, and lawyers globally reconsidering their career plans, firm leaders know that they must make burnout and employee support an urgent priority.

ALB Asia Korea Super 30 Lawyers 2021

BY Asian Legal Business, Aparna Sai |

In its first Korea Super 30 Lawyers list, ALB spotlights standout private practitioners in the country when it comes to client service. These lawyers were selected based on client recommendations sent directly to ALB. Some of the lawyers have been profiled.

Fast 30: Asia’s Fastest Growing Firms 2021

BY Asian Legal Business, Mari Iwata |

The COVID-19 pandemic might have posed challenges for the legal industry, but across the Asian region there are firms that have successfully overcome these challenges and continued to grow, either through headcount, or through revenue, or by continuing to add clients. The inaugural ALB Fast 30 list celebrates the tenacity and ambition of these firms. The list is in alphabetical order, and a few firms have been profiled.

ALB Asia Top 50 2021

BY Asian Legal Business, Elizabeth Beattie |

The year 2021 was undoubtedly tough for law firms, but with vaccinations on the rise and border restrictions loosening, there is hope on the horizon. As firms attempt a return to normalcy, they find the needle has shifted when it comes to the expectations of lawyers. As a result, firms are increasingly looking inward, carefully considering their needs, and how to ensure they can retain the talent they seek.

ALB Indonesia’s Firms to Watch

BY Asian Legal Business, Aparna Sai |

Despite the challenging times witnessed by the Indonesian legal industry since the outbreak of the pandemic, smaller law firms have punched above their weight in terms of work handled and services delivered. In its annual list, ALB is spotlighting 10 such firms which have overcome obstacles and continue to make an impact on the market.

ALB Asia’s Top 15 Female Lawyers

BY Asian Legal Business, Elizabeth Beattie |

In this inaugural ranking, ALB honours leading women lawyers in Asia who have continuously made their mark in the market despite the disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list highlights 15 women who have consistently delivered high-quality work and set high standards in their respective legal space, while earning accolades from their colleagues, superiors and clients.

ALB Asia 40 Under 40 2021

BY Asian Legal Business, Aparna Sai |

This year, the ALB Asia 40 Under 40 had entries from over 400 lawyers and picking the top 40 was no easy task. The lawyers on this list span a range of countries and practice, and were selected based on quality of work, recommendations from clients and colleagues, and potential for future growth. The list is in alphabetical order and some lawyers have been profiled.

Right Time, Right Convention

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Mediation had already been growing in prominence as a dispute resolution method in the past years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has placed it firmly in the spotlight. And with the Singapore Convention on Mediation having been adopted two years ago, the city-state is now clearly at the forefront when it comes to mediation regionally, if not globally.